Electrical Services

At Fixmission no electrical job is too big or too small – you always get a fair price for the work done.


Our electricians show up on time, within a one hour window Fault finding, Fuse boxes, testing and Inspections, Additional Electrical sockets, TV bracket Mount, Ceiling Mount, Lighting Installations – Interior/Exterior, Wiring or Re-wiring, additional Outlets, Installation of Bathroom Exhaust Fans, All aspects of electrical work undertaken.


We are able to offer a range of electrical services, installations, upgrades, LED lighting, maintenance, contracting and electrical installations for the modular building industry. Over our years in the industry we have built a strong customer base and have experience in the commercial and retail industries as well as servicing our residential customers.

We undertake emergency electrical services in Kannur and Calicut

Services in Kannur and Calicut
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